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Several upcoming projects for myself and some bandmates.

Final tracking and mixing of the upcoming Sylvan Realm album Waldeinsamkeit has been delayed as Sylvan recently relocated to New Mexico for school thus delaying completion of the album for a little bit. More updates as he gets settled and reschedules the sessions.

Ron will be tracking some leads for the upcoming Aurora Borealis album in the upcoming days. This album will be even heavier and faster than 2011's Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything. We will be sharing teasers so stay tuned!

Fellow Todesbonden bandmate, Jason Aaron Wood, is nearly finished with the production of the debut Ol Sonuf album: Glass Idols. All preorders for the album have been switched over to a kickstarter page so please visit, listen, and preorder yours! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/492767939/release-the-ol-sonuf-glass-idols-album

 Another Todesbonden bandmate, Laurie Ann Haus, has joined forces again with composer Dale Cornelius to contribute vocals for an upcoming documentary: JFK: The Smoking Gun (TV special 2013) airing on Reelz channel November 3rd.