Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything

Artist: Aurora Borealis
Label: NightSky Productions
Catalog#: 006
Format: CD
Country: United States
Released: 2011
1 Our Legacy  
2 Crucible Of Creation  
3 Formation  
4 Stygian Depths  
5 A Creature Called Human (Among Other Things)  
6 The Evolution After Evolution  
7 The Only Space Race That Matters  
8 Beyond The Oort Cloud  
9 Tearing Holes In The Fabric of Time  
10 Precule to Cessation  
11 The Rebirth  

Recorded at: Night Sky Studios, Maryland

Cover Art by: Ron Miller

Ron Vento: Vocals, guitars
Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert: Bass
Mark Green: Drums

All music: Aurora Borealis
All words: Vento