Chronicles Of An Aging Mammal

Artist: Azure Emote
Label: Epidemie Records
Format: CD
Country: United States
Released: 2007
1 Clarity Thru Apathy  
2 Complex 25  
3 Joy On The Face Of Extinction  
4 Justified End  
5 Cosmic Tear  
6 Procreation Abnegation  
7 Behind These Speechless Eyes  
8 Submerged (In Hollow Realistics)  
9 March Of Chemical Pessimism  
10 Misanthropic Disgus  
11 Dementia (Reflections Of The Elderly And Infirmed)  

Produced by: Ron Vento
Recorded at: Night Sky Studios 2003-2006
Mixed and Mastered by: Ron Vento
Released by: Epidemie Records
Cover art by: Mike Hrubovcak

Mike Hrubovcak: Vocals, Lyrics, Electronic Arrangements, Samples, Keyboards, Drum Machine, Flute, Maraca's, Straw, Other
Ryan Moll: Guitars, Bass
Patrick Battaglia: Drums
Laurie Ann Haus: Female vocals on Justified End, Procreation Abnegation & March Of Chemical Pessimism
JJ Hrubovcak: Guitar solo on Justified End, Wooden Recorder on Cosmic Tear & Drums on Misanthropic Disgust
Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert: Bass Guitar on Dementia
Jason Conrad: Keyboards on Clarity Thru Apathy & Dementia
Jason Sidote: Backing Vocal on Justified End