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Studio Report

"Worldshapers" album finished!

The new Aurora Borealis album "Worldshapers" is complete and master sent to the label. We will make a label announcement soon. Stay tuned for more info!

The track listing for Worldshapers is:


Tracking complete for the upcoming Aurora Borealis album

All tracking is complete for Aurora Borealis: Worldshaper. Cover art also released today!


Several upcoming projects for myself and some bandmates.

Final tracking and mixing of the upcoming Sylvan Realm album Waldeinsamkeit has been delayed as Sylvan recently relocated to New Mexico for school thus delaying completion of the album for a little bit. More updates as he gets settled and reschedules the sessions.

Ron will be tracking some leads for the upcoming Aurora Borealis album in the upcoming days. This album will be even heavier and faster than 2011's Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything. We will be sharing teasers so stay tuned!


Aurora Borealis Bass Tracking

Bass tracking has been completed for the upcoming Aurora Borealis album! It was a 15 hour long session and we meticulously reviewed every part of the tracking to ensure that there were no choked notes, too much fret buzz, weak attacks, or out of sync slides. The guitar sound on this one is even better than 2011's Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything and drummer Mark Green performed on the very same kit that our old drummer Derek Roddy used on Praise The Archaic Lights Embrace and Northern Lights and the drums sound phenomenal as well! 


Bass tracks finished for the Sylvan Realm album.

I tracked all the bass parts for the new Sylvan Realm album yesterday. Next up more guitars and vocals! 


Drum tracking for the new Auorora Borealis is complete

This week drum tracking for the upcoming Aurora Borealis album was completed. Over the next few months we will be tracking guitars, bass, and vocals. Stay tuned for more info!


Busy time of the year!

Lots going on so far this year. First up is: AZURE EMOTE - "The Gravity Of Impermanence" CD & Digipak out APRIL 3RD on SELFMADEGOD RECORDS.

Second is AURORA BOREALIS drum tracking for the new album has began March 30th!

On April 6th I complete bass tracking for the newest SYLVAN REALM album.

Check out more news on my official FB as well as on the individual pages!


Sylvan Realm album title named

The New Sylvan Realm album will be titled "Waldeinsamkeit" and here is a glimpse of what will become the album cover.

Waldeinsamkeit preview


New Aurora Borealis Album Set To Start Recording

The newest installment in the Aurora Borealis legacy is set to start tracking drums March 30th at Nightsky Studios. The new album will again feature Mark Green on drums!


New Sylvan Realm Album update

Work is in progress on the upcoming Sylvan Realm Album. Already completed are drums and rhythm guitar tracks. Basslines are finialized between myself and Sylvan for half of the album thus far and expected to track bass within the upcoming months followed by leads and vocals. Stay tuned for more info!