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Studio Report

Azure Emote Studio Report 2

It's coming! New Azure Emote - "The Gravity Of Impermanence" Featuring a whole slew of guest musicians including myself alongside legends such as Kelly Conlon on bass and Pete Johansen on violin!

Studio Report for October 2012 - Bass Guitar being tracked and recorded by Kelly Conlon (Death, Monstrosity, Pessimist, Sargon, etc), also entering NIGHTSKY STUDIOS with Ron Vento (Aurora Borealis) to finalize the mix for the new AZURE EMOTE album "The Gravity of Impermanence"



New Sylvan Realm Album

Recording has begun for the new Sylvan Realm album at NightSky Studios in Waldorf, MD. The lineup for this album will yet again consist of Sylvan on guitars/vox, Evan Madden on drums and myself on bass. More infor to come!


Azure Emote - New album teaser

New Azure Emote is coming! 



Several albums in the works!

I'm glad to announce that the last steps of pre-production for the new Todesbonden albums is nearing an end. In addition I've contributed some programming/sequencing material for the album of a project I've formerly worked on (sorry to be so vague but no press release is out yet) as well as writing and re-working some of my own material for a 2012/2013 release if all goes well!


Aurora Borealis & Sylvan Realm albums released!

Aurora Borealis & Sylvan Realm albums have been released.