First Transmission (Tetelestai)

Artist: Echoא
Format: CD
Country: United States
Released: 2018
Written and Produced by: Ron Vento Recorded at: Night Sky Studios Mixed and Mastered by: Ron Vento Line-Up: Ron Vento:  All programming and instrumentation except as noted LindZ Owens: Vocals

Guest Musicians: Brandon Malvaso: Drums on tracks 1 (second half of chorus), 6, 8, 9 Joe Barrick: Drums on tracks 12, 13, 14 Mark Green: Drums on track 10 Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert: Bass on tracks 6, 9 Gene Quade: Bass on tracks 3, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14 Jim Noble: Bass hook on track 1 Mike Stacey: End solo on track 3 Scoonie: Piano on track 4